7 day Self Love & Inner Peace Immersion


Self Love & Inner Peace for you

Next and upgraded Immersion starting in July. You can sign up already and benefit from free audios and online support in the group.

I'm happy you are here! You've come to the right place and the journey back to your peaceful, loving self has now begun.

It is absolutely normal for many of us to live our lives giving so much to our work, our families and friends. In the process, we often forget to look after ourselves. Our bodies becomes tense, we experience stress and overwhelm, we overreact to small triggers, feel anxious, and our thoughts start running in cycles. This happens when we are disconnected from our bodies and our hearts. 

In this FREE 7 DAY IMMERSION you will learn how to

  • feel just relaxed and in your body and being
  • feel calm and peaceful
  • be more in contact with your feelings
  • be more loving towards and within yourself
  • connect with that, what truly supports you from within
  • be more present  and experience more ease in what you do

Welcome to our FREE 7 day journey where I assist you in overcoming your challenges and finding your alignment to your powerful peaceful nature. So that you can act in your life with ease, clarity and joy. Feeling connected to your body. Trusting your heart and inner knowingness.

Ready? Let's begin!
21st of March - 27th of March


  • 3 modules containing 3 introduction videos, questions for your daily reflection, 5 audio meditations and one live call.
  • one bonus guided meditation for peaceful sleep.
  • access to our private FB group with daily support from me.
  • 4 emails with access to the content, so that you can also do this journey independently of Facebook.
  • step by step process to reconnect with inner peace and love.
  • a supportive group of like-minded people to share your journey with.


  • Day 1, 3 and 5 and 7 you will receive an Email
  • Module 1: Discovering the space of inner peace and self love + being at home in the practice
  • Module 2: The body as the container of inner peace and self love + deepening the connection with the body
  • Module 3: The fullness of being + putting it all together
  • Day 7 we will have a 60 minute live call 

A few words on self love

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