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Peaceful Transformation Program (live and on Skype)

This program is for you, if you would like change the course of your life in a embodied, profound and peaceful way, so that you can live your life more in alignment with your heart, body and that, which you know or discover is truly important for you. I'll support you in realigning and coming in deeper contact with your own inner wisdom and clarity. We'll go in contact with the body and integrate  and learn about the body's signals and wisdom, so that the changes that take place are sustainable. 

You can use this program to make changes in areas like:
* Self Love, Self Respect and acceptance
* Relationship to your Body / Body image
* learn how to become calmer and balanced within your body
* relationships to partner, children, co workers, family
* finding out about your calling
* Contact with your feelings and how to encounter them in a respectful way

I'm sharing and supporting you from 18 years of experience with Alexander Technique and 10 years of teaching it one on one. From my training and work as a Gestalttherapist, from my experience of leading around 20 retreats in the past years and lots of Workshops around these topics and from trainings with various teachers, especially with Michaela Boehm.

5 x 60 minutes 650 € + practices / 2 personal Audio Meditation
10 x 60 minutes 1100 € + practices / 3 personal Audio Meditation

If that sounds interesting for you: get in touch and lets have a chat and see if we want to go on this journey together.


Alxander-Technik * Gestalttherapie Einzelsitzungen 

1 x 60 Minuten 110 €
5 x 60 Minuten 500 €


Online Course ~ Connected ~

1 x 5 Wochen - jetzt für 22 € anstatt für 111 € * (mehr Information HIER)

Bitte beachte:

Die Bezahlung erfolgt in bar nach der Stunde oder per Überweisung auf Rechnung
am Ende des Monats. Pakete berechne ich im Voraus. Terminabsagen nehme ich gerne im Interesse und mit Rücksicht auf andere Schüler und meine eigene Planung, mindestens 24 Stunden vor dem Termin entgegen. Bei Versäumnis fällt das gesamte Honorar an.