ONLINE COURSE ~ Connected ~


ONLINE COURSE ~ Connected ~

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Welcome beautiful Being!
This Online Course supports you on your journey to find and deepen your connection to inner peace, your (self)love, your heart and to your body.

Through simple guided practices you learn pathways to find and anchor your aliveness within your body and to let your aliveness express herself / itself through your body. 

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* reconnect with the place and space of peace and calm within yourself.
* drop deeper into your body and reconnect with the richness and beauty of being in a body.
* become more self loving
* access a place of freedom from within
* integrate, orchestrate, include all the different planes that we are: the physical (starting with calming down of the nervous system), the emotional, the mental and the spiritual plane. 

You will find:
*** 5 Modules
*** 1 introduction Video
*** every Module contains 1 Video Introduction, 2 - 3 Audiofiles to practice and play with, 1 beautifully designed pdf to read through the topic.
*** 2 Bonus meditations to deepen the connection to your heart and self love.
*** Lots of Love.

Looking forward to being on this journey with you.
If you have further questions please contact me:

With Love and appreciation,