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The Hour of Nothing

Join us (David Young and me) for The Hour of Nothing.
Anmeldung hier. By Donation.

Please register:
After The Hour of Nothing there will be time to
stay and share our experiences or you can also
just leave.

FAQs about The Hour of Nothing

What is it?
It is an hour of nothing.

Can you talk?
Let’s see. Every hour of nothing is different. But maybe if it is more effort NOT to speak, than it is to speak, then it becomes something.

What happens?

Do I need to prepare or bring or wear anything special?

Is it meditation?
No. It is nothing.

Is it a workshop?
No. It is an hour of nothing.

What has the feedback been?
So far people have found the hour of nothing enjoyable, fun, relaxing, cleansing, calming, inspiring, energising, restful, amusing, liberating, profound.